See how Kruzr automatic safe driving assistant works
Don't let your phone distract you again.

A smarter way to drive

Completely automatic driving assistant
Handle calls
Handles Chats
Simple Interface
Designed for your safety
Kruzr is designed for safety. It automatically detects when you start driving and manages all your communication.
Because it’s against the law
Because your phone doesn’t stop buzzing
Because distracted driving is four times riskier than driving drunk!
Because driving is the riskiest activity of the day
Completely Automatic. Safety ensured on every trip.
Kruzr detects driving and starts handling your calls and messages, intelligently. So that you drive distraction free and safe. And when your trip is over, it will detect that and turn off automatically.
Completely Automatic. Safety ensured on every trip.
All calls handled
All your calls are managed/handled by Kruzr. When someone calls you, Kruzr informs them you are driving and asks them to continue only if its important. So that you don’t miss something urgent.
All calls handled
Let chatbot do the talking
Reading or sending texts makes you a blind driver. That’s why our smart chatbot handles your messages on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, and SMS. It converses and records important messages but informs you when you are stopped at a signal. When it’s safe for you!
Let chatbot do the talking
Exceptional driving interface
Kruzr’s one touch interface provides you access to all features you need while driving.Control your favourite music player.Navigate to your stored locations with one tap.Make a quick call to your dear ones. When stopped safely!
Exceptional driving interface
Gift your family a safe drive
1 in 4 accidents happen becasue of mobile phone usage