Re-imagining Motor Insurance with Pay Per Mile

Plug & Play solution which enables to launch PPM offerings within weeks.

Re-imagining Motor Insurance with Pay Per Mile

Plug & Play solution which enables to launch PPM offerings within weeks.

Driving Risk Made Contextual and Comprehensive

We give meaning to mobility data by fusing real-time traffic and weather context to driving data

Speed Relative to Real-Time Traffic
Measure the actual risk from speeding by identifying how fast the driver is going compared to the traffic.
Driver Behaviour Insights
Make sense of driver actions like acceleration, braking, and hard turns in context of actual driving conditions.
Identify causes of Distracted Driving
Build an accurate understanding of distracted driving habits of users by mapping phone usage w.r.t. speed and traffic.
Predict Instances of Drowsy Driving​
We factor last rest taken, trip duration, speed profile, road type and other details to predict driver fatigue level.

Kruzr's Safety Index

Relative Speeding




Hard Turn

Distracted Driving

Suggest the Safe Driving Speed Range

Kruzr continuously profiles the driver’s speed against traffic speed, factors in visibility, traction and type of road to estimate a safe speed range.

When the risk from speeding becomes significant, Kruzr suggests the safe speed range to drive at in current conditions.

Improve Insurance Customer Safety with Preventive Solutions

Kruzr not only adds context to driving data, it identifies preventable risk factors such as relative speed, fatigue and accident hot spots in real-time.

This enables the driver apps to actively guide the drivers in understanding and avoiding potential accident situations.

Guide drivers to take a break when tired

After 30 minutes of driving, Kruzr starts profiling the trip for drivers’ fatigue. By measuring the sleep pattern, daily driving time and current trip details along with city road or highway. The Machine Learning algorithms predict driver fatigue levels.

Once it reaches a threshold, the app guides drivers to take a coffee break.

Tools for Drivers to Avoid un-necessary Distractions

Kruzr enables drivers to configure their driving experience by defining which calls they want to receive, and which messages be read-out.

Most interruptions are unimportant and can wait. These tools allow drivers to customize their driving experience.

Help Drivers Avoid known Accident Hot-spots

SpotPatches of road which see a disproportionately high accident rate are identified in most geographies.

With Kruzr, you can now guide the drivers to be prepared before they encounter these locations.

Assist Drivers to Mitigate Preventable Risks

Go beyond measuring risk. Identify critical situation in real-time and guide drivers to avoid them.

Portfolio Cohort Segmentation​


Over 60% drivers don’t make a claim in a decade and 20% drivers are responsible for 80% of the claims.

Optimize your portfolio with actionable segmentation and identify whom to retain and how to price based on risk.

Pay-Per-Mile Policy


As driving patterns undergo a complete shift, insurers need to create new policy offerings for changed consumer behavior.

Pay-per-mile policies help insurers retain customers while they benefit from savings on premiums.

True Policy Personalization


Kruzr’s contextual risk scoring helps insurers better understand their customer’s risk exposure and build accurate risk and pricing models. This enables insurers to create personalized policies for customers.

Going Beyond Telematics

Virtual Assistance and Artificial Intelligence have the potential to re-define the Motor Insurance sector.
Telematics was the genesis but there is a lot more to come.

Customer First​

Kruzr's safety offerings are designed to make driving safer for everyone. We help Insurers and their customers boost adoption and unlock new horizons for technology in auto insurance.

Solving Challenges for Insurers​

Insurers begin to build long-term relationships with their customers by engaging with drivers every day. Safety Guidance helps reduce accidents, and thereby claims. ​

Understanding of Driving Risk

Our data insights take into account fatigue and distraction scores. Kruzr fuses real-time information with these scores to help actuarial and underwriting teams build accurate models.

Let's Define the Future of Motor Insurance.

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