Happy New Year

A new beginning of hope and celebrations globally.
To exploring new horizons and achieving new goals.


Keeping Drivers Safe, Globally

15 Countries

Our safety solutions kept drivers safe in 

15 countries across 4 Continents


Promoting Road Safety Awareness

600,000+ Impressions

Our road safety content & discussion engaged people more than 600,000 times over Social Media

Socializing in Carnivals Across Europe

Brighter days and saying goodbye to long winters. To making new connections and engaging new people.

Spreading Holi Colors from India

Victory of good over evil. To sharing food, colors 
and culture towards the common good!


New Horizons, More Languages

6 Countries

We ventured into 6 new countries
and speak 10 languages!


Customers Come First

18 Prototypes​

We developed & validated more than 18 Prototypes, ensuring quick and customer-centric development

New Hopes with Easter

Christ’s resurrection and the onset of spring.
To celebrating new life and refreshing perspectives.

Parades & Food during Cinco de Mayo from Mexico

Celebrating victory and perseverance. To commemorating hard work and persistence.


Exhaustive Real-World Testing

250,000 km of Test Drive

Our QA & Testing Team covered more than 250,000 kilometres and over 11,000 Hours of
real-world test drives for extra reliability


Road & Weathers’ Effect on Driving

20 Million Driving Conditions

We processed and analyzed more than 20 million Real Time Traffic & Weather conditions for improved, deeper contextual driver safety

The Night of Light – Sankt Hans Aften

The longest day in the Nordics! To enjoying warmth, hope and love of the mid-night sunlight!

Wave of Freedom Worldwide

Independence days of 26 countries globally. To freedom of thought and governance by the people!


Fundamental Research

10,000 Hours

A solution is only as good as its fundamentals. We put in more than 10,000 Hours of R&D to deliver best-in-class AI and UX


Scalable & Reliable Back-Bone

100 Million

Our Platform handled more than 100 million API requests from both, external and internal sources successfully

Recognizing the Future with International Youth Day

A new beginning of hope and celebrations globally. To exploring new horizons and achieving new goals.

Beers at Oktoberfest Do Not Wait for October

To community, good times and beer. 6 million people sharing stories, conversations over love of beer!


Love Trumps Distance!

4 Marriages

We celebrated 4 marriages within Kruzr Team with remote attendance!


Prevention is Better than Cure

1300 Accident Prone Zones

We analyzed and predicted more than 1300 High Risk Zones across 35 Cities in 8 Countries

Light in the Darkness with Diwali from India

 Lighting the night with candles and crackers, and conquering ignorance & despair with knowledge.

Gratitude & Appreciation with Thanksgiving in the US

A celebration of harvest and gratitude. To supporting and giving back to people and communities.


Drivers Do Care About Safety

150,000 km of Risk-Free Driving

Kruzr Drivers covered more than 150.000 km of absolute safe kilometers – free from distraction, speeding, fatigue or any other risk behavior


Saying Hello to the New Normal

40,000 Hours of Remote Work

We have operated completely remotely since April across 10 cities clocking in more than 25,000 hours of virtual inter-team collaborations

Hey, it’s Christmas Already!

To collectively ending the year with celebrations & hope – with people both close and far away!

Wish you a great 2021

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