Active Safety Guidance for
Enhanced Driver Safety

Help drivers understand their driving risks. Guide them to prevent high-risk situations.

We Make Driving Safe

Real-time Risk

The platform estimates the actual risk exposure and identifies critical situations fusing driving data with
real-time traffic information.

Alert and Guide

Help drivers be aware of safe driving speed, their fatigue levels, or accident hot-spots and guide them to be safe.

Distraction Free

Enable drivers to configure their driving experience by defining which calls they want to receive, and which messages be read-out. And much more.


Alerts and guidance are delivered through voice to ensure drivers have their eyes on the road and hands on the wheel.

Speeding Guidance

Kruzr’s speed engine continuously estimates a safe speed range at which a driver should be driving at the current location and conditions. It does so by factoring in :

•  Current Traffic  •  Road Type (Highway or City) 

•  Speed Limit      •  Weather

When the speed is dangerously higher than the ideal speed, the driver is advised to slow down.

Avoid Drowsy Driving

Kruzr’s machine learning algorithms predict fatigue level of the driver based on :

•  Sleep Pattern & Variations    •  Current Trip Duration

•  Last Rest Duration                  •  Daily Driving Pattern

•  External Driving Condition

When the predicted fatigue level crosses a threshold, the driver is advised to take a coffee break.

Accident Hot-Spot Notifications

Kruzr maps all known accident hot-spots from publicly available data sources. Kruzr continuously profiles driver’s location and identifies hot-spot on the route.

When the driver approaches a known accident zone, an alert about the risk is sent 30 seconds before encounter to mitigate the risk exposure.

Active Safety Guidance System

Offer driving assistance based on real-time driving conditions and risk prediction.

Integrate through CarPlay or Android Auto.

ADAS Capabilities in Legacy Cars

Kruzr can be embedded in smartphones and offer legacy car drivers safety and assistance features similar to today’s smart vehicles.

Platform Integration Options

Our modular design, SDKs, and API systems ensure that Kruzr can be delivered
via the medium most suitable for drivers.

CarPlay or Android Auto

Kruzr's safety guidance gets delivered via CarPlay or Android Auto, providing a streamlined driving experience.

Mobile App

Provide Kruzr's capabilities to new and legacy car owners through a white-labelled app or SDK integration.

Integrated with ICE

Cars can have native Kruzr capabilities by API integration with any connected in-car entertainment system.

Let's Explore the Future of Safe Driving. Together.

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