Re-invent Telematics with Kruzr's AI-powered Platform

Telematics was just the beginning, with advancement in technology and knowledge of ever-changing consumer behavior unlock new opportunities.

Kruzr 360

Our Platform Enables 

Formulation of accurate risk measure modules to increase driving safety detection and provide insightful driving behavior data to act upon. Create new data driven products and driver centric engagements to increase profitability and customer loyalty.

Kruzr Assist

Our Platform Enables

Creation of revolutionary module to gauge, conceptualize and convert risk into AI-powered driver friendly assistance application for safe mobility. These modules are exclusively designed keeping delivery side in mind to provide safer and smarter driving solutions for drivers.

Data Intelligence Platform

Data Collection & Analysis

We offer cost-effective, easy to implement, SDK plugins for driver applications or our white label apps without the hassle of hardware requirements. We combine the smartphone sensor data with real-time traffic and weather intelligence to generate real-time metrics that can be accessed on our 360 dashboards. We generate granular driving predictions and scores every three seconds of your trip.

Safe and Secure Data

We give equal importance to driver safety and data protection and hence provide best in class data security.

Features of Driver SDK and App

User-friendly features

We provide best in class functionalities for drivers to stay safe and connected while driving. The apps and SDKs provide active safety guidance to reduce risk exposure from distractions, speeding, drowsy driving or at accident hot-spots and offer users a smarter way to drive.

Dashboard Capabilities

Adaptive and Comprehensive Analysis

We equip you with custom-built dashboards for easy tracking and analysis of fleets and commercial drivers via SDKs. Utilize the vast information to increase efficiency of your operations.

Leverage In-depth Analysis

Decision Making made Easy

Customized dashboards to convert risk assessments into business-critical decision factors. Educate drivers or customers on specific drawbacks in their driving to enhance the overall safety of your portfolio.

Delivering Analytics & Safety to Driver

Seamless driving experience via our driver centric assistance application. Assisting drivers through daily engagement programs to improve their safety score each day.

Let’s Take a Step Ahead with AI Powered Smart Telematics.

Kruzr Technology Solutions

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