Risk Exposure Visibility and Mitigation Platform

Understands all aspects of real-time driving risk exposure. Leverage driving assistance tools to improve safety across your fleet.

We Make Drivers Safe By

Quantifying Driver Habits

Mapping driver's acceleration, braking, turning patterns and layering it on traffic conditions, Kruzr helps identify unsafe habits.

Calculating Relative Speed

Fusing speed data with real-time traffic information, the platform estimates the actual risk exposure and recommends corrective action.

Identifying Drowsy Driving

Using machine learning, platform predicts the fatigue level of the driver on every trip and guides them to take a break for better management of risk.

Measuring Distracted Driving

Linking phone usage of the driver with current speed to identify risky behavior. Insights to define policies and reduce risk.

Kruzr's Safety Index

Relative Speeding




Hard Turn

Distracted Driving

Manage Driver Fatigue

Kruzr’s machine learning algorithms predict fatigue level of the driver by profiling :

•  Sleep Pattern                 •  Road Type (Highway or City) 

•  Last Rest Duration        •  Daily Driving Pattern

•  Current Trip Duration    •  Traffic Speed

The algorithms are customized for commercial drivers. When their fatigue levels become dangerously high, Kruzr advices them to take a break.

Navigate Accident Hot-spots Safely

Known accident hot spots are mapped from available data sources. When drivers approach a known accident zone, they are alerted about the risk 30 seconds prior the encounter for better preparedness and mitigation of risk.

In case a driver has a near miss or a potential accident (NMPA), they can mark the location and that information is broadcasted to all drivers on that route.

Drive in the Ideal Speed Range

Kruzr’s speed engine continuously estimates a safe speed range at which a driver should be driving at the current location and conditions. It does so by factoring in :

•  Current Traffic  •  Road Type (Highway or City) 

•  Speed Limit      •  Weather

When the driver’s speed is dangerously higher than the safe speed, the driver is advised to slow down to ideal driving behavior.

Enhanced Fleet Safety

Real-time safety guidance to help drivers avoid preventable risks and improve uptime.

Risk Exposure Visibility

Visualize your risk exposure, identify unsafe behavior, and share data with insurers for better premiums.

Let’s make Conveyance Safer. Together.

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