Safety at the Heart of Mobility

Shared mobility is changing the way we commute. Kruzr enhances that experience by putting safety at it’s center.

Visualize Your Fleet with Real-time Context

Risk Exposure

By mapping a driver's acceleration,
braking, cornering patterns
and layering it on traffic
conditions,Kruzr helps identify
unsafe habits.

Assist Drivers
to Stay Safe​

Long drives in rented vehicles
can pose risks from fatigue or
accident hot-spots. Help your
customers avoid these with
real-time driving assistance.

Customer Experience

Understand your customers
and their habits better to
customize your services and
pricing, factoring in their safety
score and usage pattern.

Understand Actual Risk Exposure

Kruzr’s contextual and comprehensive risk measurement helps you visualize the risk exposure for every driver and map it to every vehicle. The safety index measures:

•  Speed Relative to Traffic                 •  Driver Fatigue Level 

•  Acceleration, Braking, Turns           •  Distractions

Improved Customer Safety with Driver Assistance

Kruzr’s driver assistance helps drivers be better prepared for and avoid preventable risks like :

•  Speed Relative to Traffic

•  Driver Fatigue Level 

•  Accident Hot-Spots

Risk Based Pricing

Factor in not only usage, but couple that with risk exposure of drivers for personalized and accurate pricing.

Minimize Asset Damage

With driving assistance and coaching, improve customer safety and experience, while reducing vehicle damage and downtime.

Optimize Insurance Premiums

Share Kruzr’s usage and safety score with your insurer and minimize policy premiums for the fleet.

Let's Make Mobility Smarter and Safer. Together

Kruzr Technology Solutions

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