We Build Technology Solutions to Make Driving Safer

We are Driven By

Deep Tech Focus

We work on the cutting edge of Machine Learning, AI, Voice Computing, mobile technology among others to build a driving decision assistant.

Design Thinking

We believe great user experience design amplifies the impact of technology, especially for assistance adoption and positive behaviour reinforcement.

Human Centricity

We utilize advanced technology capabilities to assist people in taking better decisions, and improving driver safety. We build solutions to make human life better.

Our Vision

Reduce Road Fatalities by 20%

Research shows that more than 50% accidents are preventable with timely intervention and driver assistance.

We aspire to build technology which can reduce road accidents and fatalities by at least 20% in the next five years.

Our Mission

Build Technology for Driver Safety

We are building solutions which accurate estimate driving risk. Doing this in real-time enables us to actively guide drivers to mitigate these situations. We partner with stakeholders in the mobility domain, with the goal of reaching at least 10% of all active drivers in the next 3 years

Our Motto

Partners First

We believe a deep partnership is essential to approach a problem as critical and complicated as road accidents. We have built our technology to be modular, allowing you to handpick from one single component to the complete suite of solutions available on our platform, so that it can be utilized and distributed in forms suitable to all concerned stakeholders.

Our consumer facing app is designed keeping the drivers in mind to help them find the perfect balance between their safety, convenience and staying connected. On the other hand, our data intelligence solutions provide our partners with the insights required to meet their business goals. We have built a large range of products which could help make driving safer across boundaries and can be accessed via white-labeled apps or SDK integrations.

Meet the Team

Pallav Singh

Co- Founder & CEO


Co-Founder & CPO

Himanshu Lohiya

Head of Engineering

Nitin Khandelwal

Head of Data Science

Vivek Sahi

Head of Design

Driven to make the World Safer.

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