Imagine a drive from your home to office, with no distractions & a richer driving experience.

Kruzr app runs in the background and detects when you start driving automatically.

When someone messages you, it interacts with them and records their message.

When someone calls you, it answers it and informs the caller you are driving. It asks them to continue the call only if its very important.

When you stop at signals, it informs you about important messages. You can also check your trip summary.

You can play your favourite music with just 1 click.

When your trip ends, it shows the trip summary. You can call or message back with one click.

You can navigate to your stored locations with one click.

Kruzr comes with exceptional engineering & design under its hood..

Automatic Drive Detection

Kruzr’s proprietary algorithms processes motion sensor data to detect when you start and stop driving. We employ machine learning to mimic your state of motion, like cruising or stopped at signal etc.

Human Centred Design

Our app design puts every feature you need while driving accessible on one touch or swpie. This minimizes the time of eyes away from road, significantly improving your safety.

One of its kind Chatbot

We have built the first cross-platform chatbot for person-to-person communication. It uses natrual language processing to understand the message and act accordingly.

The rest we leave it to you while you drive with kruzr :)